“I had so much fun completing my Bronze DofE and my John Muir Discovery Award last year.  I would very much like to do Green Team Projects for my silver DofE”


If you are 14-25 you can achieve your Volunteering or Skill sections with the Green Team at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. The minimum requirements are:
– Bronze 4 days over a minimum of 3 months (or 6 days over 6 months)
– Silver 6 days over a minimum of 6 months
– Gold 10 days over a minimum of 12 months.

The days must be spread out over the time period for the award level. For example, if you were doing your bronze level and your first project was on the 10th of January, your fourth and last project day would have to be on or after the 10th March, with your other 2 projects in between these dates.

We also have the option to take part in residential weekends, which count towards 2 days towards your Award.

To find out more about the Award in Edinburgh visit

Doing your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award with The Green Team:

When you start your Award with The Green Team please let us know which section you are working towards.

  • To fulfil the requirements of the Volunteering section at each level, you just need to turn up and take part for the required number of days, making sure that your projects are spread over at least the minimum time requirement.
  • For the Skill section you need to be able to demonstrate what you have learned about conservation work and environmental issues through a short set of questions which require you to do some individual research.  We will give you these questions when you start your skill section.
  • Once you have completed your projects over the required time commitment, please email David who will complete your assessors report online.  We aim to do this within 10 days of your email.


The John Muir Award is open to all Green Team participants and leaders. This dedicated environmental award fits well with the ethos of the Green Team and the structure to our projects. For people working on their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the John Muir Award complements the work they are already doing, while for others it can be a standalone Award, or the first step on a lifetime interest in the environment.

The John Muir Award focuses on wild places. It is named after John Muir, a great Scot best known for establishing National Parks in the USA and championing the value of wild places for nature and people.

The Award encourages people to:
Discover and explore a wild place find out why it is wild, what lives there, and how all aspects of the wild place (including humans) and inter-related and depend on each other.

Conserve – Take practical action to conserve a place by making a difference to the future of it.

Share their findings with others by writing, talking, drawing, publicising, thinking about the place and why it is important.

If you have achieved your Discovery Award with the Green Team, and would like to progress on to the next stage – the Explorer or Conserver Award – then we are very happy to help you do this. The emphasis for the higher levels of the John Muir Award is on a deeper engagement with wild places over a longer time scale. You decide what you’d like to do, and the Green Team helps you to achieve your dream!

For the Explorer or Conserver Award you fill out your own proposal form with ideas for your particular project and submit this to We are very happy to discuss the time commitment and project ideas with you, and you can refer to the Explorer Ideas Sheet to help you get started.

Of course, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the John Muir Award can be tackled by any young person. And although we encourage everyone involved in the Green Team to take part in the John Muir Award, you don’t have to – if simply coming along is reward enough for you, that’s fine by us!