by Lauren Santandreu

Levenhall Links was a very worthwhile day out with the Green Team. The majority of the day was spent shovelling woodchip into wheelbarrows and using it to make a more distinct path through the woodlands. It was hard work, but once the group got a system going we made great progress. We were determined to get the path finished by the end of the day, and through hard work and determination we did! It was of great help to the local ranger as a job like this would have taken him many days to complete. It also helped to open up the area for recreational use, which was of great benefit to the local community.
I came away from the day with a great sense of achievement knowing that I had made a valuable contribution to the beautiful coastal nature reserve. As well as the main task of the day, we played some fun teambuilding games, which helped the group to get to know each other better. We also made storm kettles- a Green Team essential for a fantastic day out.