by Ellie Davies

On Saturday 27th January we visited Edinburgh Zoo.
In the morning we cleared the dead leaves from the Scottish Garden, rebuilt the bug hotels and made bird feeders out of apples covered in seeds and honey.  It was messy but fun.  We then hung the apples around the Scottish Garden. Having cleared the area of leaves we were then able to plant mixed wild flower seeds for summer.
After lunch we went around the Zoo to see the animals.  We were given maps and had to use these to mark where the different animals came from.  On the way back to the Education Centre, which was our base, we saw some squirrels, some robins and a baboon that did a back flip.  Back at the Education Centre we got to hold some insects, if we wanted, including a Hissing Cockroach and Giant African Land snail.  At the end we shared  things about the day: something we had learnt, something that made us laugh or something that we wouldn’t forget.   Everyone really enjoyed the day especially as we also got to see all the lanterns that are part of the Chinese Lantern Festival.