by Orla

We started the day by learning each other’s names and a little about each other. We got all the equipment and learnt about safety when using the loppers and the saw. Then we cut back the broom by the path so that it was more accessible.  We cut a large amount of it and put the parts that we cut of in a pile to be burnt when it had dried.
We then walked to a bird viewing area where we had lunch while looking out at the birds. Then we made hot chocolate by using the Kelly kettle to get hot water, we also roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Next we took off the tubes on the trees and took out the stakes (which was harder not to snap than we thought!). To finish off we played a game of midges, fish and wildcats and then headed back.
My favourite part of the day was de-tubing the trees because although it was hard it was really satisfying when you got one out whole. Something that surprised me was how the kelly kettle worked, I’ve never used one before and it was weird how contained the fire was and how effective it was despite how gloomy the weather was! I really enjoyed the day definitely do it again.