by Ellie Davies

Today was very interesting because the bus and all the kit was locked in the school so we were unable to access it! However, nobody wanted to cancel so we worked as a team to come up with a new plan which was to head to the Botanics. Our first problem was figuring out how to get there. We decided that the best way was to walk along the Water of Leith which would also give us the chance to look out for interesting plants or animals. It was raining at this point but the trees provided a bit of protection.

By the time we got there it was lunchtime so we sat on the grass under a tree and ate our lunch. Judy, one of the volunteers, works at the Botanics so she took us on a tour of the gardens where we spotted a Heron. We then went to the old Gardener’s cottage, which was recently moved from the old Botanics location, and spent the afternoon there. Judy showed us which plants we could pick so we collected Chamomile to make tea, plants and flowers for an edible salad (Marigold, Nasturium, beans etc.) and different flowers to make prints. After drinking the tea and eating the salad we made the prints by squashing the flowers onto material which left a colourful print of flower which we took home. We then walked back to the entrance, had a quick look in the shop and reviewed the day. Even though this wasn’t what had been originally planned, I really enjoyed the day, especially making the prints which I think the others enjoyed too.