by Jennifer Mole

On the 17th of June we set off to Gullane beach on an incredibly sunny and hot day. Our job was to level out some steps that had become uneven. It was important as it meant people could get down to the beach without disturbing any of the wildlife. It was hard work in the heat but it was very satisfying to see the progress we made in such a small time. We were all proud of our work.

We then went down to the beach to eat our lunch and relax In whatever shade we could find. Next it was beach combing to find the most interesting things we could. There were an assortment of crabs legs and some interesting shells people had discovered. After that those who wanted a hot drink did the storm kettles. We made sand castles, sculptures and pieces of sand art and chilled in the sun. we also had a chance to explore a cave. It was so cool inside and it was surprisingly big even though it was difficult to see. Then it was time to leave and we walked up the steps we had recently dug out, which felt pretty good to see we had achieved something. Overall I really enjoyed the day and would definitely go again, especially if it was sunny.