by Euan Rolland

We had a fantastic weekend with the Green Team helping out at Barnside farm. The family who owned the farm told us a lot about farm life and let us meet all the animals including the many lovely working dogs. Firstly we got a tour of the farm on the trailer of the tractor which was brilliant. Then we got down to work and we helped plant trees on part of the farm. We planted about 200 trees to help provide a good habitat for wildlife in the future. That night we all made dinner and then played many games around the table in the village hall, including some everlasting and mind puzzling riddles. All the volunteers slept in a big bell tent and before we went to sleep we had story telling – with some amazing adventures recounted! On the second day we woke up sharp as the sun shone through the tent and some individuals were nominated for making breakfast in the village hall while others took down the bell tent. It was a very sunny day and after breakfast we all packed our stuff into the van and made lunch. For the rest of the day we met the horses on the farm, picked poisonous plants from a field to stop them harming the cows and went on a walk to an ancient ruin. It was a brilliant weekend and the weather was unbeatable!!