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by Finlay Middlemiss

We all met at the High school and then headed out to Longniddry where we met the ranger. There was a path just above the beach which is regularly used but was very overgrown and narrow so our task was to widen the path. We mainly used spades but some saws and secateurs were also used. After widening the path for about an hour we had a tea break where we used the storm kettles to boil the water then after another period of digging we stopped for a short lunch break.

While we were working there were lots of people walking past and commenting on the work and this showed us the impact of our work on some of the local people. After we had done the work we played this game called ‘moon ball’ where the aim is to keep a large inflatable ball in the air for as long as possible. Our group made a new record for this game! After this we split up into small groups and tried to make a model bridge out of the beach materials. Then we packed up the tools, said goodbye to the ranger and went back to the high school. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was pleased with what we had accomplished