by George Towers

I really enjoyed going to Vogrie to help tidy out the park. It was my first green team trip I have ever been on so before it started I was quite nervous but also excited. The first activity we did was clearing out the pond. We put on waders and went into the pond to clear out the overgrown weeds and the dead grass. We also tidied out some of the fallen tree branches and put them on the island which we tidied as well. We were in the pond for a few hours. I was really excited about going in the pond and it did not disappoint me! Then we dried ourselves and had lunch.
We built a small fire to heat up a hot drink. I really enjoyed making the fire and the result of the hot drink was good. After lunch we went on a walk and had to find artwork in the park. There were 3 places and we had to work as a team to find them. We were given a map. It took us a few hours as they were at other sides of the park to each other. At the end of the day we played in the play park for a bit!
I really enjoyed the day and it was more than I was expecting!