by Bonnie Kerr

We all met at Tyncastle high school.  I didn’t know anybody except for 3 people who I had been out with last time with the Green Team.  There was a minibus full of us.

It was really wintery and cold and we had all borrowed clothes so we would be warm outside.

We travelled for a really long time in the bus and we all listened to a mixture of music and we chatted.

When we got there it was a woodland with lots of different types of trees and our job was to plant more. I rolled a big snowball down the hill and fell six times in the snow.

It was hard to plant the trees because our hands were so cold and the ground was hard.  Between us  all we planted 56 trees which maybe isn’t a lot but if they become trees then that would be good.

On the journey back it felt really quick and all of us were tired. We chatted all the way home.

I really like everybody.