by Hannah Kistruck

DSCF4630-smaller DSCF4633-smaller I went to Glenude on the 29th of November. When I arrived at Tynecastle High School it was a miserable day. It was pouring with rain with no blue sky to be seen. We went on the bus for about an hour and a half as we travelled to our destination. When wDSCF4644-smallere arrived we all headed straight for the log cabin.
We then played a warm up game called Ninja. Where someone is blindfolded and in a designated area has to touch all the other members. I really enjoyed the game.
We then talked to the ranger who suggested that we change our project area to further down the hill as where we were planning to be was going to be very exposed to the elements and would not be very pleasant. We stayed in an area close to the log cabin and we focused on sawing off the lover branches off some pine trees. The branches we cut off would then be used to do brash fencing later. We got a lot done before lunch and under the trees we were nicely sheltered from the rain.
After a lovely lunch we headed back out to do some more chopping. We got a lot done in the time we had. We then played a game where we had to hide being the piles of branches and try to touch a certain tree without being spotted. It was really fun and whilst we were playing the game it started to snow. We then headed back to the log cabin to warm up and have a snack and then we ran through the falling snow back to the van.
I am really glad that I went on this project and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the outdoors and a bit of fun. I would also like to thank the leaders for helping us do this trip.