by Finlay and Haydon Ferrari

For this Green Team excursion we went to Aberlady bay. We started by meeting the ranger who would be instructing us on what to do. His name was Roger. We then unpacked the mini bus and started to head to the part of beach we would be working on.

When we arrived at the area of beach we were given a safety talk by our main leader Charlie.  Roger then told us what we were doing. Our task was to cut down a section of seabuckthorn  

Using bow saws we were able to clear out a large area within an hour. After an hour of working we sat on the beach for lunch whilst we watched James and Charlie trying to light a fire – they managed it eventually and we put the kettle on, a while later the water was hot enough for hot chocolate.

Whilst drinking, James talked to us about the wildlife and the different kinds of seaweed in the area. After the talk we packed up the kit and tools and headed back to the mini bus where on the way back 2 lucky leaders managed to bump into a few roe deer and managed to snap a few pics. When we got back to the mini bus we did a short review and a traffic-light activity. Eventually we headed back to Tynecastle school after a hard but good day of work .