by Treeve Willcock

When we goDSCF4229_smallert to the site in South Queensferry we were met by the Park Ranger. We unloaded all our equipment, then made our way over to the wetland area which we were going to be conserving. To discover and explore the site we went out and collected old dead wood to make a fire. When the fire was lit, we began to work on clearing out all the unwanted hawthorn trees that were using up too much water foDSCF4234-smallerr the wetland habitat to work properly. We piled all the hawthorn branches and some gorse we had cut down in front of a newly planted hedge of native trees to stop the deer from eating them.

After a quick break for lunch, during which we learned about the birdsong we coDSCF4232-smalleruld hear, we were given a guided tour of the site, which contained many mountain bike trails and some natural mini-beast habitats. We then got the chance to try our hand at making some natural coat hangers with sheath knives, which was a new and interesting experience. We finished off the day with some

DSCF4233-smallerfun games that helped us discover more about the surrounding environment and the animals living there.