??????????by Emilia Freeman

On Saturday 25th October, I attended my 3rd Green Angels project at Corstorphine Hill. The day started with the team meeting at Corstorphine Hill car park, and we then set off.

The Green Angels volunteers told us what we going to be doing that day and told us about the plant we were going to try and get rid of, which is the salmonberry. The salmonberry is a plant originating from the West coast of North America, and it has taken over Corstorphine Hill. It stops other plants from growing which is why we needed to get rid of it. We also did a small activity to try and get us to remember everybody’s name.

Our first task was to actually find the salmonberry plant. We eventually found some and a nice spot to start a fire to burn the plant and to put all our equipment. You could use loppers or a saw to cut away the salmonberry. Once the fire was ready, we started adding our salmonberry plant and roots to the fire and let it burn. We also made a storm kettle for hot drinks.

Once we had finished, Sarah took us to see some badger holes which was really interesting. After that, we then were given the task of identifying leaves and then making a ‘picture’ using the materials in the forest. We then headed back the to the car park.

The day was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I love how each Green Angels project is different, yet I always enjoy them.

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