by Lucy McGregor

On Sunday the 25th of September the group set off for Falkland Estate in a sleepy but excited mood. Upon arriving at the Estate we re-read our limited instructions on how to find the area which we would be working in, which basically consisted of ‘ follow the blue string markers’. After failing to spot the majority of the markers we chose a rhododendron infested spot and set to work. We worked hard cutting away at the rhododendron as a small group got a fire started.
By lunch time we could already see a massive difference and the fire began to work fiercely to burn through all the big piles. We then split up into two teams and played a tracking game where one team goes off and hides but leaves a trail of flour for the second team to follow and find the first team before being ambushed by the awaiting first team. This game proved to be great fun although turned out more like a game of hide and seek as people would jump up from their hiding spots looking like lemur rather than ambushing the tracking group. We then set about a speed drawing challenge where we sat in a circle facing outwards and were given 45 seconds to draw something we could see in front of us. We then moved round two places and continued the previous person’s drawings. This was a laugh as when we stopped to present the drawings we often found that some drawings had changed drastically from how they had started.
After an enjoyable evaluation of the day with the help of starbursts and colour corresponding questions, we set off back to Edinburgh, all exhausted from the hard work but pleased with the amazing progress we had made.