by Daisy Lewis

A short trip in the minibus and we arrived at the then peaceful Vogrie Country Park. The quiet didn’t last for long as we donned our hard hats and protective gloves preparing to use the bow saws and loppers. Those trees didn’t stand a chance. After a morning of clearing branches and trees the group moved nearer the stream for lunch.

Storm kettles were initially difficult to keep alight but after a good puff of breath the fickle things started to go our way and we were able to have our well deserved hot chocolates.

Having finished all the work set by the ranger it was decided we would make rafts.  A total of 8 little rafts, all made using only sticks, grass and string raced down the stream all determined to reach the bridge in first place. Using a triangular base proved most effective as that one managed to cross under the bridge as the winner.
Returning to the spot we stopped at for lunch we collected wood whilst the leaders built a fire. After a few burnt attempts we were able to successfully make popcorn by wrapping kernels in foil and mixing them with olive oil and either salt or sugar or even weirdly, both.