by Liam Nicol

DSCF4207-smallerI have had a fantastic time working as a volunteer with The Green Team. I went tree planting at Roslin Glen for one of my days. We planted shrubs to stop young people going into the caves.  One of the best things about going to Roslin Glen is that I get to be at one with nature. I enjoyed the tree planting as I like to contribute my time and energy into the environment to sustain and fulfil its maximum potential. I liked learning about the different types of trees and I’m looking forward to seeing what my work has done in the future.

I especially liked our walk around Roslin Glen because I got to learn about the history. The buildings were amazing! I can just imagine the gun powder being made and the explosions when it went wrong. I also even enjoyed lunch as we got to sit next to the North Esk river. I even seen a brown trout! Our helper Alan also made my experience memorable, I will remember it forever.

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