by Esme Allan

On Saturday 19 March I joined the rest of the Green Team on a trip to Glenlude near Innerleithen. We arrived at about midday.

After unpacking our gear we started work. Our job was to plant 400 native trees in the area the Green Team are looking after. We had to carry our tools and the young trees with us to the site but the weather was glorious and it didn’t feel like hard work at all, except for the fact that my boots gave me blisters!

In the evening we were each given a piece of paper and told it was our job to make someone do whatever it said on the paper, e.g. pick up a shoe, or stir something with a fork. For the rest of the time, we were very cautious about obeying instructions of taking something from someone’s hand! It was a good ice breaker.

The next day we carried on working. We were organised into pairs and each couple managed to plant between thirty and forty trees. At about three in the afternoon, we packed up and headed home. Before that, I was given my John Muir Explorer Award for work with the Green Angels and the Green Team.

Everyone was very tired, but very pleased to have achieved so much.