by Steven Brown

On the 18th January, we went to the Glenlude (near Innerleithen) to do hedge planting, but due to the six inches of snow present, our plans changed! Instead, we cut down branches in a small woodland area by a campsite, and made a visible path going through the trees towards said site by using the branches as a fence-type structure on the sides. After we had finished making the path and clearing the area, we were going to have a snowman competition, but it ended up becoming a large snowball fight.
After it was over, we headed off back to the mini bus and set off back to the Highschool, tired after the day’s work (and snowball fight!) It was all incredibly enjoyable and satisfying to do the work that day as we had now made a very clear pathway to a popular campsite in the woodland area that now anyone can use freely.
Glenlude1 Glenlude2