by Duncan Miller

We had a very quick journey from Tynecastle high school to Straiton pond. When we arrived we met Rachel the ranger and played a name game before we took all the tools down to the site where we would be working. We split into three teams; one to put on waders and cut down some weeds in the pond, one to cut back a few bushes and one to pull out weeds that were growing in another dried out pond.

A couple of hours later we had lunch and did a storm kettle challenge to see who could be the first team to get their water to boil. When the water finally boiled, we had a not particularly tasty hot-chocolate and then headed up to another site.

At this site we dragged some chopped up logs to the top of the hill and then made them into seats by digging a hole in the ground and putting wooden stakes either side. Finally we did some bee ID and played a wildflower memory game.