by William Smith

    On Sunday 10th of May the Green Team’s group of volunteers left Edinburgh for Yellowcraigs. We started our day with a walk along the beach heading towards Gullane. PartDSCF4247_small way we stopped and were DSCF4245_smallgiveDSCF4236-smalln time to draw one of the many islands that scatter the coast line. We then continued on learning about the wildlife the dunes support, as well as the birds that live in the area. We also learned about the plants and animDSCF4243-smallals in the sea and how they are affected by climate change.

After we stopped for lunch we started our main task of the day which was litter picking, we were each given litter pickers and a bag to put the rubbish in. After finding many unusual thingDSCF4241-smalls such as a wheel from a bike and a toddlers car seat we noticed a pattern of items that we found such as a lot of nurdles and rods that used to be part of cotton buds. One of the leaders then told us how many sea birds often eat these and then do not feel hungry as their stomach is full and they end up perishing. This was a very enjoyable project as we learn many things about environment and how to protect it.