by Rebecca Banks

DSCN1359-smallerHi, I’m Rebecca Banks and I am a member of The Green Angels.  This was my first project with the team.  This week we went to Butterdean Woods.  Our first task was to take down the dens/hide outs that the scouts had made to make more room for the environment.  The dens/hideouts were bad at the start but then we turned them in to amazing bug hotels.

Our second task was to fix the ditch.  It was like a jungle before we started but with all the team helping we got it done in no time.

We also played some games.  Commando (which is a hiding game) and Find Your Tree which was almost impossible.  We also did some carving and that was such a relaxing contrast to the task!

I enjoyed the game Find your Tree and the ditch-fixing the most.  If I had to describe my day in 5 words they would be:   FUN, ENJOYABLE, ACTIVE, RELAXING and NEW

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