by Jake

I have been on a few field trips before but there were more people attending this one and we had to take a car along with the mini bus.The journey passed quickly and we went through a tiny village to get there.

I saw lots of trees within a large wood, I saw some hills and a river. I saw some squirrels running about. I thought it looked like a well-cared for environment.

We all played a getting to know you game and then we were split up into groups. I was with a group of four. Our task was to check if the trees were dead or alive. To do this we had to bend the branches to see how much they bent. If they don’t bend that means they are alive. I really enjoyed this activity.

Previous groups of green team volunteers had cut branches and planted some trees.

A ranger took us round the site and we all got maps so we all knew where we were going. There were a few hills and some ponds which were covered in ice.

Some people were given tools and some used their hands. I used my hands to take the frames from the tree as they had grown.

We all were in a group at lunch time I was starving! I helped to collect some twigs with others for the storm kettle. This was so we could have a hot drink. It was quite difficult to make the fire as it was quite windy.

After lunch we split back into groups and this time I helped to carry the stick backs that were no longer needed.

In our groups we all made our own fires. We made some pancakes over the fire. It was great fun.

I saw quite a few dog walkers around Springfield Mill and it’s a really interesting environment with lots to see.

I have been on several trips now with the green team. I have enjoyed all of them but I really enjoyed Springfield Mill the best.  Glenesk house is beside it and it’s definitely worth a visit.

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