by David Rear

I very much enjoyed the Sunday project at the Water of Leith with the Green Team. It was a larger project than usual which was a nice change. We started by warming up with some games and fun exercises. Once we were warmed up we headed along the river to clean up litter from the water and banks surrounding it. We cleaned up a lot of litter and made a real difference to the environment, really improving the outlook. After we headed back to the centre and split into two groups. My group went into the Colinton Dell and collected various resources to make Christmas wreaths with. After collecting the resources which included willow and berries, we headed back to the centre to drop off the collected plants before heading out along the water of Leith to repeat the path which mud and weeds had overrun. We cleaned and cut back the weeds from the path making it much clearer and more accessible. We then headed back to the centre where we were shown how to make the wreaths. I very much enjoyed this project and even managed to earn my John Muir award at the end of it.

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