by George McClure

I had never been to Springfield Mill before so I was looking forward to discovering a place that was entirely new to me. A wide variety of activities had been arranged for the day: making campfires, tidying up pathways and even making seats. Making the seats only required a piece of wood, two wooden stakes and a couple of nails. I was amazed at how simple and easy it was to make something that made such a noticeable difference.

We got an opportunity to explore the area and we eventually stumbled across a massive landslide, which had turned the river below a deep, murky brown. We made pancakes in the rain – an experience I never would have imagined I’d have. They didn’t look appetising but they were definitely edible, and somebody had the great idea of adding chunks of apple to give them more flavour.

The weather wasn’t best that day; the wind and rain made everything seem a bit depressing at first. I was impressed by the bright, enthusiastic attitudes of the Green Team leaders, who got us feeling more positive about the day ahead. However, the weather eventually got the better of us, and we had to call it a day.