by Marissa Chisholm

On Sunday 5 October The Green Team met at 9.30am and set off on the minibus to Glenlude.

When we got there it was freezing cold so we went into this cosy little bothy for a cuppa and a biscuit to warm us up. Then it was time to work so we grabbed some tools and headed up the hill.  When we got to the spot we were looking for we put our bags down had a chat about what we were going to do. Then the group split up, one half went to cut the fence wire and the other half went to pull some wooden fence posts out of the ground, it was quite hard work. So after this we found a nice little sheltered spot and had our lunch. Afterwards to warm us up again we played a game similar to ‘1,2,3’ it was really funny watching people dive into the Heather to hide. After that it was time for more work.  This time we were making a brash hedge, this is to stop deer and other animals getting through to newly planted trees.  To make thie hedge we built up branches of fir trees that had been felled till it was high enough, suprisingly this was easier than we thought, we managed to make most of it quickly, the hardest part was moving the actual trees. We ended up just rolling them.  Apart from the mini holes in our hands from picking up all the spiky branches it was really good. We also had to hammer in some of the wooden posts that we had pulled out from the other bit earlier, this was really fun as we got to use this huge hammer to do it with.
Sadly it was getting late so we had to leave, journeying back down the hill we went a differant way than we came, this was a bit longer but it was worth it as we got to see some other brash hedges built by other people and we had to go down this really steep hill!  When we got back to the bothy we had a chat about the day and we wrote these little sentences about our day, it had to be in to form of a tweet so it had to have a hashtag in it. Then we got back on the mini bus and set off home again.
Overall I think that the trip was a success and we got a lot done.  Everything that we did today was a first for me! It went well and I enjoyed it a lot. It is also good to know that when we were having fun we also helped the environment.
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