by Eilidh Duff

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We met at the high school then headed to South Queensferry where we meet the ranger and went to the fire at the site. After that we spilt into two groups. One group dragged the branches over and the other group built the hedge.
We stopped for lunch then we used knives to make charcoal pencils which involved taking the bark off the branches and putting it in metal containers and putting it on the fire. After, we played Dodge ball and ‘crow and buzzard’, which was like tig. Next we finished off the hedge and went to check on the pencils.
After checking on the pencils we went to help build a new mountain bike track for about an hour. We played some more games then used the pencils to draw pictures on rocks. We finishes with a review called ‘fortunately, unfortunately’ then packed up the tools and drove back to the high school.