by Alastair Peel

On Sunday 2 November The Green Team met at 9.30am and set off on the minibus to Musselburgh.

I learned how to correctly plant hedge plants, and how to plant them without damaging the plants while doing so. I also learned the names of the different types of hedge plant. I learned the different wildlife benefits of hedges and the reasons we were planting them. I learned how to correctly carry a shovel spade, and how to correctly use it in the most effective way and how to use it in the safest way. I learned how to use storm kettles and the different types of fuel you could possibly plan to use in the storm kettle and how to use them safely and responsibly, such as making sure the fire is kept under control and doesn’t spread too much. I learned the names of a few different types of leaves .eg oak and holly leaves, that could be found in the wildlife areas of Scotland and what they looked like and which ones could be found in the area in which we were spending the day. I also learned the different ways you could keep a small stone afloat the water with the use of different materials found in the wildlife area such as things like twigs, logs, leaves, reeds and grass.

I enjoyed the storm kettles the most.