by Ben Anstruther

Though it was baltic and frequently raining, the un-wanted conditions didn’t affect our work-ethic and we still were able to have a chief day. We travelled to Bavelaw Marsh and under the supervision of park ranger Victor, we first used the rakes to sweep up excess grass in a meadow to ensure it would not obscure any flowers.
After our lunch-break, we took the sheers and bow-cutters and removed the overhanging branches and plants to make sure visitors didn’t fall on the already slippery walk-way.
After, we went into a nearby wood and with ours saws we cut-down all the Sycamore trees we could find. With time to spare we concluded our day with an exhilarating game of Hide-And-Seek. Though wet, and sometimes exhausting, it’s safe to say we all had a great day!