The Green Team is an environmental organisation based in Edinburgh. We work with young people to restore and conserve wild places as an important part of learning about the natural heritage of Scotland.

We carry out projects centred around a conservation task, and time is also spent exploring the countryside and taking part in environmental activities such as art, games and crafts. Since 1995 over 5,000 young people have worked with the Green Team improving their local area, learning about the countryside and achieving a range of awards such as the John Muir Award and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Joining The Green Team on a project is about having fun! But so much more…. it’s about active, practical learning and doing in the outdoors. We give young people the chance to take part in environmental projects at places all over Edinburgh and the Lothians and throughout Scotland.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,
    My name is Ghania Azeb, I am mum of 3 children.
    Adam S2 nearly 13 years old
    Liberton HS
    Ibrahim P7 nearly 11 years old and
    Hajar P3, 7 years old
    Liberton PS
    I want to know how they can join the Green Team and more details about the activities , which are running by your community.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Ghania – your 13 year old would be ideal for Green Volunteers, your 11 year old for Green Explorers and unfortunately your 7 year old will have to wait just a little while, til they are 8 to join in Green Explorers or our holiday weeks. Check out our Programmes pages for more details and booking links.

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